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Power Bank made in China[edit]

Power Bank made in China Overview The 5000mAh Wireless Charge Power Bank for Iphone has 2 USB ports and a wireless induction area, which can ensure that 3 digital devices are charged at the same time. The charger has built-in proprietary software and chips that control and regulate temperature, voltage and current while ensuring fast charging safety. With LCD smart display to show the remaining power. The circuit protection system makes the use of the charger safer and more efficient. Compatible with any Android and iOS mobile device. With mobility and portability, it is convenient for daily charging and use, and can also be used for travel and business trips. Features 1. High-speed current charging, fast speed: There are 2 USB ports and wireless induction area. The USB interface supports 18W fast charging, and wireless charging supports 5W, 7.5W, 10W, and 15W fast charging. Can charge 3 devices at the same time. 2. Safety guarantee: With overcurrent protection, overcharge/over discharge protection, and short circuit protection, it provides a safety guarantee for daily use. 3. High-quality batteries: use high-quality batteries produced by standard battery factories. The battery performance is stable, and there is no change after 500 charges. 4. High-end beauty: using high-quality materials, it is fashionable, delicate, smooth and comfortable. Details Product Name:5000mAh Wireless Charge Power Bank for Iphone Capacity:5000mAh Input:5V/2A, 9V/2A Output:5V/2.4A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A Qi output:15W/10w/7.5W/5W Size:110 x 65 x 11mm Battery:Lithium Polymer BatteryPower Bank made in China website:

Buy Fertilizer Packaging Bag[edit]

Buy Fertilizer Packaging Bag Handan Dingbang Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is a company with more than ten years of production experience, professional technical personnel, advanced production equipment set in the film blowing, color printing, design and plate making, bag making one of the enterprises, can design and produce various high and low pressure plastic flexible packaging for each enterprise unit, individual. Our company can design and produce various types of plastic packaging and other products according to customers' customized needs, and can provide customers with other woven bags, mesh bags, bags and other tons of products, has provided a number of domestic and foreign customers with related products, widely used in various industries. Our company since its establishment has been adhering to the "customer first, quality service first, price concessions, mutual benefit, common development" business service tenet, wholeheartedly for the friends at home and abroad loyal service.Buy Fertilizer Packaging Bag website:

Customized Laser Welding Machine[edit]

Customized Laser Welding Machine Product Description Handheld Laser Welder is mainly divided into several parts such as control system, laser, optical system and laser processing machine. It is widely used in aviation, machinery, electronics, communications, electric power, chemical industry, automobile manufacturing and other industries. Our product is compact in structure, simple to operate, no professional welding technology experience is required, and can be used after our simple 2-hour training. Parameters ModelDSW Laser power1000W/1500W/2000W Laser wave1070卤5nm Laser TypeFiber 锛圡ax or Raycus锛?/p> Output power stability鈮?% Frequency50HZ-5KHZ Beam quality1.1 Adjustable power range5%-95% Optimal operating environmentTemperature 10-35 掳 C, humidity 20% -80% Cooling ModeWater Cooling Output fiber length5/10/15m (Optional) Power request220v 50Hz 5ph Dimensions93*60*88cm Working temperature0-38鈩?/p> Weight200kg Power consumption鈮?000W Advantages 1 The operation is simple, no professional welding technical experience is required, and the simple training can be used for 2 hours. 2 The welding speed is super fast. A handheld laser welder can basically replace the output of 3 to 5 ordinary welders. 3 Welding can be done basically without consumables, saving costs in production. 4 After the welding is completed, the welding seam is smooth and white, which can basically be done without grinding. 5The laser welding machine has concentrated energy, small heat reflection range, and the product is not easy to deform. 6 The laser welding machine has concentrated energy, and the welding intensity is very high. 7 The energy and power of the laser welding machine are digitally controlled, which can meet various welding requirements, such as complete penetration, penetration, spot welding, and so on. Product Details Handheld Laser Welder has several parts: 1. The control system is mainly used to input parameters and display and control parameters in real time. 2. Laser is an important part of handheld laser welding equipment, mainly providing light energy required for processing. 3. The optical system is used for beam transmission and focusing. When performing linear transmission, the channel is mainly air. When carrying out high-power or high-energy transmission, shielding measures must be taken to avoid harm to people. 4. Laser processing machine Laser processing machine is used to produce the relative movement between the workpiece and the beam required for processing. The accuracy of the laser processing machine determines the accuracy of the welding or cutting of the laser welding equipment to a large extent, and the processing machine generally adopts numerical control to ensure the accuracy. Samples Yes, we are the manufacturer, don't look around anymore, we provide professional equipment and professional services !Customized Laser Welding Machine website:

Pre Insulated Terminals factory[edit]

Pre Insulated Terminals factory End material: copper Insulation material: PVC Conductor Section: 0.5-6mm虏 Maximum current: max=48A Maximum temperature Resistance: 75 鈩?/p> Conductivity The metal part of Gedele butt terminals is made of high quality copper which can ensure good conductivity. We Gedele provide minimal heat and maintaining a high current flow with minimal voltage drop. Connection Gedele crimp terminal adopts a thicker design, it is not easy to be broken while crimping , and the wires can be stabilized after the crimping is completed. Durability The Gedele wire connectors are tin plating that will be corrosion-resistant and anti-aging and will not be broken. Insulated Shell The shell of the Gedele butt terminals are made by PVC insulated materials that will provide safety protection. Applications Gedele insulated ring crimp terminals are good for automotive use. And also applies for electrical, industrial and household appliances. TypeWFLBDd1AT LBV1.25-3316.827.2104. LBV1.25-4.64.6 LBV2-3316.827.2104. LBV2-4.64.6 LBV5.5-3317.230.2136.73.42.41 LBV5.5-4.64.6Pre Insulated Terminals factory website:

Film Laminating Machine suppliers[edit]

Film Laminating Machine suppliers Our Factory Founded in 1998, located in Ruian City Dongshan Economic Development Zone, covering an area of over 10000 square meters. We are specialized in the producing for die cutting machine, film laminating machine, UV coating machine. Our Product Die cutting machine, Foil stamping and die cutting machine, film laminating machine, thermal film laminating machine Product Application Cardboard, Picture book, food package, gift box, calendar, business card, greeting card, cosmetic package and so on. Our Certificate CE certificate, ISO Certificate Production Equipment Turning machine, Milling machines Production Market Our machines are sold to all over 50 countries, such as Southeast Asia, West Asia, Middle East, South Africa, Iran, Turkey, Russia and so on. Our Service We can supply online service and agents in most of the countries for good after service.Film Laminating Machine suppliers website:

Bulk Acrylic Sheets[edit]

Bulk Acrylic Sheets 2mm Frosted Acrylic Sheet Acrylic, also known as plexiglass, perspex, PMMA, is a material that we commonly see and use in our daily lives. As an incredibly useful plastic, acrylic sheet can be cut into various shapes using laser cutting technology. It is characterized by great impact strength, formability and excellent resistant to sunlight, weather and most chemicals. Acrylic is much stronger than glass while weighs less than half as much as glass, which makes it a great choice for many applications. Our 2mm Frosted Acrylic Sheet is available in multiple sizes, it offers excellent balance between transmission and light diffusion. Normally used for applications which requires privacy or needs special light design, you can also use it as wedding / birthday / Christmas decoration such as signage and display. Use this product to add a modern and elegant touch to your daily life. We offer custom cutting service, using advanced laser cutting technology, we can cut to precise size with smooth edge and no burr. Advantages of Acrylic Sheet 鈼?High Transparency: Maximum 92% of transparency, which is as clear as glass. 鈼?Great Impact Resistance: Can resist up to 160鈩? it is also flexible enough to be formed to any shapes as per the requirement of different outdoor projects. 鈼?Excellent Weather Resistance: Can perfectly withstand sunshine, wind, rain and snow, and it will not fade after long-term using. 鈼?Reusable: It is shatterproof and durable enough to be used for several times. 鈼?Non-toxic: Using high quality non-toxic material, won鈥檛 do harm to users even after long time using. 鈼?Ultra Heat Resistance: The maximum 鈥渃ontinuous service temperature鈥?of acrylic is between 180掳F to 200掳F depending on the particular use. Not affected by cold, will not become cracked or brittle under cold environments. 鈼?Easy to Use: It can be easily cut, sawed, drilled, routed, laser cut, painted, formed and fabricated, it is truly an excellent choice for any creative projects. Applications of Acrylic Sheets Acrylic can be used for a variety of applications because of its various advantages, such as display box, acoustic panel, menu/sign display, counter divider, ID tag, demonstration model, decoration use it for a range of DIY or professional projects, the possibility is endless. Notes: Our Acrylic Sheets come with protective firms on both sides to protect against dirt and scratches during shipping process, please peel them off before use. Product Description Brand NameJBR Plastic Product Name2mm Frosted Acrylic Sheet MaterialMMA or PMMA ColorBlue/Green/Orange/Pink/Red/Yellow/Purple & Customizable Operating Temperature Range40 Degrees to 190 Degrees F Density1.2g/cm3 Thickness1mm to 500 mm & Customizable Size2050x3050 & 2440x1220mm & 1020x2020 & 1350x2050mm & 1550x3050mm & Customizable (See more available sizes in the chart below) MOQ200 pcs Sample Time3-5 days Delivery Time7 to 20 days after prepayment Quality ControlOur QC will inspect every product before packing & Shipping Acrylic Size Color sheetClear sheetBathtub sheetThick sheetSingle frostedDouble frostedMirror sheet (2-25MM)(1-30MM)(20-300MM) 900*18001020*20201090*2040900*18001240*24401600*16001430*18301220*2440 1250*18501250*18501370*24901250*18501500*25001340*19401250*24601220*1830 1340*19401220*18301370*25901340*19402000*30001250*2480銆€銆€ 1220*24401220*24401120*24901220*24402000*40002050*3050銆€銆€ 1250*24801250*24801590*25501250*24802000*5000銆€銆€銆€ 1660*26001350*20001350*20001660*26002600*8000銆€銆€銆€ 1660*26801660*26002020*20901660*26802600*13000銆€銆€銆€ 1540*30501540*30502040*23901540*3050銆€銆€銆€銆€ 2050*30502050*30502150*26502050*3050銆€銆€銆€銆€ 1020*20201400*16602150*31501400*1660銆€銆€銆€銆€ 1350*20001080*20601850*24501080*2060銆€銆€銆€銆€ Thickness: 1MM---500MM Acrylic Sheet Properties PropertyValue Technical NameAcrylic (PMMA) Chemical FormulaContent (C5H8O2) n Melt Temperature130掳C (266掳F) Typical Injection Mold Temperature79-107掳C (175-225掳F) Heat Deflection Temperature (HDT)95掳C (203掳F) at 0.46 MPa (66 PSI) Tensile Strength65 MPa (9400 PSI) Flexural Strength90 MPa (13000 PSI) Specific Gravity1.18 Shrink Rate0.2 - 1% (.002 - .01 in/in) Light Transmission> 92% Refractive Index1.49 Relative Density1.2 g/cm3 Rockwell HardnessM 102 Water Absorption-.2% Flammability Class3, (BS 476 pt 7) UL94 HBBulk Acrylic Sheets website:

Lug Triple Offset Butterfly Valves factory[edit]

Lug Triple Offset Butterfly Valves factory WE ARE PIONEER IN VALVE INDUSTRY SINCE 1988 Jitai Valve Group has gained proven expertise in the most demanding environment by stringent quality control and traceable reports to provide zero-defect valves. Our rugged and durable configuration of valves ensures prolonged service life and frees our customers from endless breakdown. We always look forward to long-term partnership with our customer and make mutual benefits. Just email us or call us immediately when you need assistance in relation to valves. Since 1988, Jitai Valve Group has become a reputable valve manufacturer for the harsh working conditions with total turnover of USD 30 million dollars annually. Our company has more than 350 employees, including 20 engineering specialists, 50 inspection professionals and other seasoned technicians. We are competent at engineering and inspection to meet critical requirements of turn key projects. Our engineers uses Auto CAD,Solid Works,Pro/E,UG and other design software to perform sophisticated technological calulation while the advanced inspection center is set up to ensure all parts are in complete control. With various state-of-the-arts facilities , our workshops cover a total area of 26640 square meters , including Plant NoWorkshop SizeProducts Workshop 114940 sqmCast steel valves (GGC valves) Workshop 24500 sqmStainless steel valves Workshop 33600 sqmButterfly valves Workshop 43600 sqmBall valves Main product lines can be categorized into gate valves, globe valves, check valves, hydrogenation valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, control valves, power plant valves and other customized valves. Nominal diameter: 1/2 "~ 160" (DN15~DN4000) Operating pressure: 150Lb-4500Lb (0.25MPa ~ 42.0 Mpa ) Working temperature: -196 鈩?-816 鈩? Standard: API, ANSI, JIS, BS, EN, DIN, etc. Our valves are widely used in all industrial sectors, including power plant, chemical, oil & gas, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, paper& pulp, coal mining, cement, sewage, environmental protection and other industries. Our company has excellent processing and manufacturing equipment, including machining center, CNC lathe, CNC milling machine, CNC drilling machine, large precision vertical lathe and boring machine, plasma spray welding equipment, automatic painting assembly line and other special equipment with an annual production capacity of more than 20000 tons. Jitai Valve also acquires the vendor approval of influential industrial users and EPC companies in vast areas, including Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Czech, UAE, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. Our services are our core competitiveness and extensively offered, including consultancy, training, commissioning, start-up and aftersales service. Thus we are proud of providing value-added benefits for our customers when tailored valves are required for the severe working enviroment. Jitai Valve has established extremely rigid system of manufacturing and inspection. All our valves are produced and tested in accordance with cutting-edge technology and assured inspection plan. All processing is based on our systematic technical engineering and technological procedures. Our engineers use Auto CAD,Solid Works,Pro/E,UG and other design software to formulate drawings and processing instruction with ERP system controlling all material management. In our workshop, numerous types of industrial valves are produced with capability over 1833 ton per month. 200 sets of CNC machine, vertical lathes and horizontal lathes allows valve size up to DN2000 (NPS 80 inch). Complete secure measures are taken to guarantee our workers鈥?occupational, health safety interest in conformity with the latest ISO 45001. During each procedure, our frontline workers and operators are devoted to finishing the most qualified components with trusted expertise and are ready to take challenge of customized manufacturing for the harsh service environment. Our inspection program is set up to meet the demanding project requirements and covers a wide scope of industrial tests, including but not limited to 鈼?Chemical analysis 鈼?Mechanical property test 鈼?Hardness test 鈼?Visual inspection 鈼?Cryogenic impact test 鈼?Penetration Test 鈼?Magnetic Particle test 鈼?Radiographic testing 鈼?Ultrasonic test 鈼?Hydro pressure test 鈼?Fugitive emission test 鈼?HIC test 鈼?Painting thickness test 鈼?Wall thickness test Our customers always benefits from our value-added services due to our focus on longterm cooperation, which only flourishes with ensuring the maximum longevity of valves, the quickest response, the most comprehensive support. We act as the backbone of customers鈥?pipeline management by offering consultancy, quotation, drawing, training, commissioning, start-up, maintenance and other related after service. Once our customers meet key issue to handle, we provide our acceptable and solid solutions based on our immense sources and know-how. Consultancy With an excellent team of engineerig, reseach and development, we provide prompt reply to commercial and technical request. We are willing to participate in any possible dialogue and discussion concernning industry trend, manufacturing advancement and pipeline exploration, thus providing the suitable proposal to our users鈥?site issues. Quotation & Drawing Our sales managers respond to each inquiry within 24 hours regardless of the difficulty with full technical drawings, datasheets, catalogues. We keep tracking and follow-up of each inquiry until it is finalized in order to understand our users鈥?challenging and varied conditions on the site. Training Our global customers, distributors, agents and partner workshops have multi-channel access to our learning literature and training lessons. Our customers and partners can receive appropriate training in our office, workshop or online lesson periodically relating to valve selection, design, processing, installation, etc. Commissioning, Start-up & Maintenance Our valves are under secure and reliable control before delivery, ensuring the endurable performance in various working environment. Once it is installed, our customers will receive thorough guidance for commissiong, start & up, maintenance in order to have valve life prolonged. Our engineers and technicians are also actively involved in site instruction and communication, to keep track of the valve actual performance for years. After Sales Service Jitai Valve makes great efforts to extend our service range and maintain sustainable cooperation with our customers. Our services never cease upon the receipt of valves in warehouses of end users. Wherever our valves are used, all issues will come as priority and will be taken into prudent consideration while quick and effective solutions will be given as per requirement. Application Our superb products are vastly recoginized in all industrial sectors, including oil & gas, petrochemical, power plant, paper & pulp, water treatment, metallugical, mining, etc. From blazing desert in Nigeria to dense rainforest in Brazil, from freezing land in Siberia to lonely island in Indonesia, our rugged valves showcase the demonstrated durability in the designated pipeline beyond satisfaction. Jitai Valve is occupied in cultivating customer-oriented company culture by integrating all essential motivation. Our growing influence relies on constantly engaging our members in implementing our company value, vision and obligations. Company Value: Innovation, Respect, Integrity Company Vision: Reshape industry with boldness and firmness Company Obligation: Provide tailor-made valves at affordable cost Employee 30-year expertise with 4 factories and 350 employees Certification Countless certifications in accordance with ISO/API/CE Test 100% inspection Rate and over 98% pass rate covering full scope of critical inspection procedures Application Proven durablity and reliability in high temperature & high pressure application Delivery Delivery time within 3 days for stock valves while within 30 working days for customized valves Partnership Negotiable payment terms and trusted commercial coordination Lug Triple Offset Butterfly Valves factory website:

Concrete Pump Truck[edit]

Concrete Pump Truck JYFY Machinery (hereinafter referred to as JYFY), established in 2015, is a leading supplier and remanufacturer of used concrete machinery in China. JYFY focuses on the resource integration of used concrete machinery in China market, and establishes a mature and standardized process of remanufacturing of concrete pumping machinery from original quality evaluation, selection, overall performance test, maintenance, replacement of parts, functional test, etc to delivery and after-sales service of concrete machinery. The remanufacturing level of JYFY has been enhanced greatly after introducing a large number engineers and service staff from SANY, ZOOLION, XCMG, etc. JYFY has a re-manufacturing production workshop with a total area of 8000 square meters and has more than 30 professional staff. JYFY has accumulated rich experience and built up a strong professional team consisting of engineers, service staff, maintenance staff, marketing staff, logistical professions and import & export handlers. At present, the company鈥檚 business operation mainly consists of used concrete machinery, remanufactured concrete machinery and brand new high quality concrete machinery parts. JYFY strictly follow the stipulated remanufacturing process to guarantee high quality of each machine, and up to now, JYFY鈥檚 remanufactured products have been widely delivered to Australia, Pakistan, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Ghana, Nigeria and other countries. We are looking forward to find the company that is willing to achieve something in the field of used and remanufactured construction machinery.Concrete Pump Truck website:

Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane Definition suppliers[edit]

Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane Definition suppliers Our History Henan Modern Heavy Industry& Technology Co., Ltd (MHI CRANE) was established in 2004. It is located in Fengqiu crane industrial park, Henan Province, is specialized in the production and development of rubber tired cranes with a complete quality assurance system and perfect detection methods. Our Factory MHI crane mainly produces rubber tyred gantry cranes, mobile boat hoist, port jib crane, container Container straddle carrier, various high and low hydraulic cranes, translation crane, and other heavy industry machinery products , which have been certified by CE, ISO9001 and so on. Product Application The products are suitable for port, shipyards, shipbuilding factories, naval ships, engineering ships, offshore platforms, bulk carriers, chemical ships, cruise ships, docks and so on. Production Equipment Our company has more than 260 sets of various processing equipment. It is capable of independently accomplishing the whole technical flow of lathing, milling, planing, grinding drawing, boring, rolling, drilling, pressing, bending, rivet-welding, testing and heat treatment, etc. Production Market We had produce more than 1600 sets RTG cranes for customer. Lift capacity ranges from 10t to 1000t.They are working well in different areas of the word. Our Service MHI team pays special attention to the ability of "insight into customer needs". Based on the understanding of customers' essential needs, we study, analyze and discuss the feasibility of solutions. We have been committed to providing customers with product solutions MHI team has the design ability of 1200t gantry crane, 500t bridge crane and 350t jib crane, and has rich technical experience. We have provided technical services for many large manufacturers around the world! As for the after sale service,no mater it is within the warranty period, or after the warranty period, whether it is an accident or unknown reason, our system and process are "designed around" fast service ". We believe: service is action, fast service is "fast action"!Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane Definition suppliers website:

low price Barstool[edit]

low price Barstool "Barstool with Chrome Legs"Parameters: Description: Luxury Ergonomic Black wooden leather high barstools. paiting finishing. Size锛歐52.5*D50.5*H97-119CM/47*55*43cm 40HQ LQ锛?60 Package锛欱rown box with drawing line,1pcs/ctn Fabric锛歅U Material锛歜ent painting wood frame adjustable height and tilt lock function Our advantage We can long time cooperation raw materila factory. They can support us the raw material on time. so that we can promise the shipping date.And we will have our own plywood factory in the future, our the delivery time we can promise. FAQ Q: Are you a trade company or a manufacturer? A: We are a manufacturer with a factory. Q: What鈥檚 your warranty? A: We normally will provide one or two years warranties according to different models. If the product is caused by our mistakes, we will give you free replacement. If it was damaged during the shipping or other reasons, we will provide the best solutions for you. Q: Is this chair easy to install? A: This chair is easy to put together. Came with all the tools necessary, it may only take 10-15 minutes to assemble. Clear instruction is included and the relevant video will be send to you. Q: Can I order a sample before placing order? A: Yes, customer can make sample order to check the quality first and customer need to pay for the sample cost and shipping cost. Q: How do you ensure your quality of your products? A: Each process we have QC inspecting the chairs to make sure every part of chair is no problem.low price Barstool website:

Fixed Auditorium Seating[edit]

Description: Auditorium chair LS-500 is featured with single leg, elegant and strong. The seat covers are plywood after painting finishing. Its armrests are solid wood, 30mm thick.The upholstery is fabric, optional by bonded leather or genuine leather. The backrest foam pattern is very popular and make it looks great. It is usually used as parliament seating, conference seating in government or institutions, school theater seating or university mulit-purpose hall. Specification: Product Nameauditorium chair for parliamentModel NO.LS500StyleModern ColorRed or other color is available.Warranty: 5 yearsDelivery12 working days Origin Foshan, China Fixed leg YesArmrestsWood UpholsteryFabric, optional by leather or bonded leatherWith writing tabletYesFrameMetal+plywood Loading 200 pcs in a 20 feet container, 460 pcs in a 40 feet container. ApplicationEducation seating, parliament seating, conference room seating, auditorium seating, school theater seating etc. Writing table materialWood, retractable, Optional by wood or plastic. If wood writing table, there are 4 kinds of colors for choice. Writing table options Armrests: Solid wood. There are 6 kinds of colors for choice Leg frame options: strong steel leg. Available in dual legs or motion leg. Color swatch Seating Dimension: Overall height(height from floor to the top of backrest): 1020mm Depth: 760mm Center to center distance: 580mm Armrests: 80mm Payment terms: 1.By T/T payment, 30% deposit and 70% balance payed after finishing production and before loading. 2. L/C at sight Packing: standards export package. middle layer with polyester all the package material are environmental Certificate: Order steps Step one: Let us know your needs Step two:we will discuss with you and give you most suitable suggestions that you are satisfied Step three:confirm order Step four: pay deposit Step five: starting products Step six: take photo and let you know about the process Step seven: Tell you production finished and send photo to you Step eight: checking goods on requests Step nine: Pay balance Step ten: Loading and shipping After-sale service We promise to offer accessories, parts or any technique skills supports if any problem caused by our material or technique defect problem after confirmation with you. Of course we will also do anything we can to help you even it is nor our problem. Production process Firstly, we need to cut the wood, and then put nail on the wood to make the wooden frame. At the same time, we cut and sew the fabric or leather, preparing for the upholstery. Then the fabric will be upholstered on the foam. Lastly we will pack assembly by 4 legs in ne carton box, 4 foams in one box and 4 seat cushion in one boxes. FAQ Q1.Can we get free sample? It depends on. We can negotiate Q2:What is the warranty? Yes, we offer 5 years warranty to our products.Warranty is based upon material defect causing product failure within warranty,we will determine the course of action by supplying free parts,repairing or replacing the defective products. Q3:How can I get the seating? CIF terms: we will arrange everything for the seating to the destination port nearest you. FOB terms: You need to pay the cost after the seating leave the departure port. TNT or DHL delivery. We don’t suggest because it is too expensive. For some countries, you can buy from our representatives. Q4. How many seats can fit in my hall? Send us your hall dimension and tell us how many passage way you want to leave and the width of the aisle, then we can make the CAD chart for you. If you can not make sure about these details, then we can suggest you with the best solutions. Q5:My hall has slope. Is the chair fit the room with slope? Yes. We can make the chair leg to fit in the room with slope.But you need to tell us the slope degree of your halls. Why Choose Us? 1. PROFESSIONAL: Linsen Seating Furniture is a professional factory with R&D, design, manufacturing and sales integrated. 2. HIGH QUAITY: Through ISO9001,ISO14001,SGS certification. There is a good quality management system to ensure he quality of our products. 3. WELL-DESIGNED: Linsen Seating Furniture has a strong design, research and development team to meet the customers’ needs. OEM & ODM is welcomed. 4. ONE-STEP SERVICE: We have a professional team here for 24 hours for your services, including before sale layout design and other needs, following production and after-sale services. About One Leg auditorium seating. You may have some doubts about the single leg auditorium seats. While there is not any necessary to worry about it. It is not only as firm as two leg seats, but also looks more different and elegant. So if you want to make the hall some differences, you can consider this kind of design.Fixed Auditorium Seating website:

MgSO4 suppliers[edit]

mgso4.h2o Mgso4.h2o is the chemical formula of magnesium sulphate monohydrate, powder state. The monohydrate, MgSO4·H2O is found as the mineral kieserite.

About mgso4.h20 package Zibo Jinxing Chemical Co.,Ltd ,is professional magnesium sulfate manufaturer for 20 years, including mgso4.7h20, mgso4.h20, anhydrous mgso4. If you are in demand, welcome contact with me, i will introduce details to you. Hoping your reply, The Best Regards, Carol Wang The Export Manager

Zibo Jinxing Chemical Co.,Ltd E-mail: Mobile/Whatsapp:+86 15695408815

MgSO4 suppliers


customized Thermal Printer Mechanism for Pax terminal[edit]

About Us OPOS (Xiamen) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd." was established in 2005 and is located in Xiang'an District, Xiamen Special Economic Zone. It is one of the early domestic printer mechanism factories and the research and development of domestic early dot matrix printer mechanism enterprises. It is a professional design , A high-tech enterprise that manufactures and sells POS printers mechanism, label/receipt printers mechanism, dot matrix printer mechaism, thermal printer mechanism, and cutter components. Affiliated to one of the subsidiaries of "Xiamen Jiexin Precision Technology Co., Ltd.", the group also owns a number of precision mold factories (Xiamen, Nanning, Sanming), stamping factories, and plastic factories. Since its establishment,OPOS has been focusing on the field of receipt printer mechaism, with multiple production lines for thermal printer mechanism, and a group of high-quality professional managers, printer mechanism design professionals and processing technicians. At the same time, it has good R&D performance and business reputation, continues to increase R&D investment and continues to commit to technological innovation. After years of development and technology accumulation, the company's fields continue to extend, and the company has successfully developed and maturely applied products that can effectively meet the printing needs of different fields. It is widely used in industries such as finance, tax control, medical treatment, shopping malls, automobiles, logistics, warehousing, catering chains, supermarkets, and retail. Products have been sold to more than 20 countries in the world, providing customers with customized product services, and professional ODM and OEM services can be provided according to customer needs. Our business Our factory Our team Our exhibition Our sample room FAQ 1.Q:Are you a manufacturer? OPOS: Yes,we are a manufacturer. 2.Q: What warranty do you offer? OPOS: Each product with 1 year warranty from shipping date, expect the human damage and force majeure factor . 3.Q:Are you still worry about compatibility with your current printer? OPOS: Share your current printer mechanism brand and PN or provide photos with specification. 4.Q:Do you still have lots of complains of after-sales? OPOS: With our experience, it is better for you to have a hardware engineer, Once meet problems,you check and solve it at the first time ,avoid causing other trouble ,even irreversible damage. Also you could return to us ,in order to save the shipping cost, you鈥檇 better collection 3pcs of damaged one,then send back to us together. Shipping cost you pay your side, we pay our side. 5.Q:Should we provide PCB for printer mechanism? OPOS: Yes, we can provide printer mechanism with PCB 6.Q: What about minimum order quantity? OPOS: We have no limit for MOQ, so you can even buy only 1 piece. 7.Q: Can you do OEM/ODM? OPOS: Yes, Welcome OEM/ODM , we can customize as your requirements. 8.Q:How can I pay for the order? OPOS: Our payment terms :T/T ,L/C, Western Union ,Cash, Trade assurance Order 9.Q:How do I know that you have sent the products out? OPOS: Once the products are sent out, a tracking number will be provided so that you can check where your goods at all times 10.Q:What kind of inspection you can provide ? OPOS: Each printer mechanism will test by test tool ,to guarantee all printer mechanism are in the perfect condition before shipment .we also accept the inspection by the third part you appointed.

                          customized Thermal Printer Mechanism for Pax terminal


Others Mining Machine price[edit]

[ Company Profile ] Xi'an Desen Mining Machinery & Equipment Co., LTD is a professional manufacturer of mining equipment which devote to built the plant within 10,000ton/day, including crushing, screening, conveying, Feeding, grinding, grading, mixing, magnetic separation, gravity separation, flotation, dewatering, cyaniding, smelting and other equipment design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning etc. Our equipments are mainly be used for recovery of gold, copper, manganese, chrome, titanium, tungsten, tantalum, niobium and other non - metallic minerals including quartz, zircon, and barites etc. [ Turnkey Solution for Mineral Processing Plant ] DESEN MINING is a comprehensive company includes mineral analyzing, sample testing, mineral sorting research, processing line design, proper model selection, machines installation, commissioning, technical training and so on. Our Technical Design Department are consisting of 18 professional and experienced technical workers which including 60 senior engineers. 22 engineers. 60 senior technicians. DESEN MINING also provide EPC/TURN-KEY service for mineral gravity/flotation processing,cyaniding processing line etc which also including mining, flexibility experiment and production operation etc full range and one-stop of mineral beneficiation service... Our proven technologies and experience permit us to provide our clients with the world's most competitive beneficiation plants and equipments. DESEN MINING are obedience to the policy 鈥淨UALITY , INNOVATION , PASSION鈥? Abide by the business philosophy鈥渁dvanced technology, win-win benefits鈥?and provides customers with efficient and practical services. Warmly welcome come to visit our company for investigation and business negotiations etc. Customer Visits Our customers come from all over the word !!! [ We Are Professional At ] 1.Alluvial gold ore gravity separation 2.Rock gold ore gravity / flotation / CIP separation 3.Chrome ore washing / concentration plant 4.Tin /Tungsten/Ta&Nb ore gravity&magnetic separation plant lManangese ore gravity&magnetic separation 5.Copper ore flotation separation 6.Zircon/rutile/monazite sand electrostatic separation etc... 7.Illmenite ore processing plant 8.Diamond washing plant 9.Stone crushing plant [ Exhibition & Conference ] [ Previous Cases ] Desen Mining has served the mineral processing industry as an excellent mineral processing machine manufacturer for many years. Our equipments have exported to many countries like Malaysia, Philippines, India, Ghana, Iran, Indonesia, Vietnam, Turkey, Mongolia, somaliland, Lu Wanda, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Tanzania etc. from which we have brought huge economic benefits to our clients. DESEN MINERAL PROCESSING EXPERT Whatapp:+8613319277356 Email:Desen@oremagnetic.comOthers Mining Machine price website:

China AOD 9604 Peptide Bodybuilding manufacturers[edit]

鈥?Our History Changzhou Kaiqiao Biotechnology Co.,Ltd, as a professional supplier of steroids, peptides and related chemicals, we are booming in this market. Quality is always the part we concern most. All products produced in Aseptic Laboratory according to GMP standard. Top quality is guaranteed. For those clients who have problem to import products like steroids and peptides, we got professional team to customize discreet packing. Clients from different countries would be offered packing suits you best. With such rich experience, we understand clearly how to pack your parcel and which express should be recommanded according to what you ordered and where you based. Only these professional and qualified forwarders have this chance to cooperate with us. No mistake is allowed in any step, thus you are promised to receive whatever you ordered! Moreover, since our warehouse are based in Hongkong, a Free Trade Zone, we got great advantage in this business. First, all of our parcels could be shipped from Hongkong directly. Which means parcels would cross customs easier and in a shorter time. Second, it would be more convenient for you to make transfer. Totally secure and efficient. Absorbed in offering better products and better service for each clients, our priority is always you. Is there any reason to refuse such a supplier like us? 鈥?Our Product Anabolic Steroid Powders, Peptide and Human Growth Hormones,Sarm Powder,Local Anesthetic APIs,Nootropics Powder,Pharmaceutical intermediates 鈥?Product Application Pharmaceutical intermediates

China AOD 9604 Peptide Bodybuilding manufacturers


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Our History Pinghu Qileshi Baby Carrier Co.,Ltd. Is located at Pinghu Xincang Town Industrial zone, near shanghai, adjacent to hangzhou, convenient water and land transportation. Our company is specializing in the production of "CENNAM" brand series of children's car. Treating "innovation, quality, service" as our company idea, we are providing safe, comfortable children's car for domestic and overseas customers. We have a factory building area of more than 8,000 square meters, 5 production lines, annual output of more than 300,000 children's car, output value of more than 100 million yuan. Our Product Children ride on car,Children electric car, motorcycle,walking toy. Production Equipment Production Market Our products sold all of the world, 80% export to the United states and Europe ,and most of them were sold online , the others to the supermarket COSCO ,Walmart and so on... At the same time of expansion of enterprise scale, company especially focuses on the R&D of new products. In line with the innovative idea of "pursuing new and dissimilation", we have development and design capabilities. We are a new force in the industry. Our Service We will offer good quality products ,good service to every of you.Guarantee for electronic components is 1 year ,plastic parts are lifetime warranty .We are looking forward to making long business relationship with you.Customized Baby Toys Car Suppliers website:

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Product Information All hardware parts are fixed with screws, but screws are equipped with screw covers, so no exposed screws can be seen in the fixed position, which is beautiful and practical. Features The聽frameless shower sliding door hardware has the function of adjusting the vertical and horizontal directions of the wall clip, that is, it can correct the deviation due to the cement decoration through the installation and debugging of professional installers, and realize the coaxial core of the upper and lower rails of the sliding door shower room, which makes the use more smooth. It uses precision cast stainless steel 304 handle, which presents a certain radian on the wire bar, with unique shape and comfortable grip. Specification Advantage: 1. Meets performance requirements of ANSI/BHMA 156.14 Grade 1 for sliding doors by exceeding 100,000 cycles in operation. 2.聽Space saving. 3. Easy to install, 0 clearance.聽 聽 Includes: Size: 聽 Installation: FAQ: 1.Q: Are you a factory? A: We manufacture and export sliding door hardware over 15 years. 2.Q: 聽How about the after-sale service? A: We offer 5 years warranty. 3.Q: What is your main products? A: Our main products are sliding door hardware, wooden interior doors, shower door accessories, door pulls and lever handle.China Sliding Glass Door Hardware suppliers website:

36V Lithium Battery Made in China[edit]

DONGGUAN SUM ELECTRONIC About us: Dongguan sum electronic is a renewable energy enterprise (polymer lithium battery, lithium iron phosphate battery, lithium battery energy storage system, etc.) which is involved in the development, manufacturing and startegic sales of a diversified range of products. Our company has been deeply engaged in the battery industry and brought together a group of industry elite with management experience and practical skills in the field of battery application. We provide battery configurations based on technical requirements and application environment according to the customer requests. Our enterprise adheres to “the spirit of the craftsman, the fine making and sincere service”, and we are committed to supply high-quality products to users all around the world by providing the safest, most convenient and cost-effective customized battery solutions and product services. To provide each customer with a professional, efficient and comprehensive service experience will be the steadfast goal of our team!36V Lithium Battery Made in China website:

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Thin-walled deep groove ball bearing (16000670068006900) series thin wall deep groove ball bearing is the most commonly used rolling bearing. It is simple in structure and easy to use. It is mainly used for bearing radial load, but when increasing the radial clearance of the bearing, it has certain angular contact ball bearing performance and can bear combined load of diameter and axial direction. When speed is high and thrust ball bearing is not suitable, it can also be used to bear pure axial load. Compared with other bearings of the same size, this kind of bearing has low friction coefficient and high limit speed. But not shock resistant, not suitable for heavy load.China Deep Groove Ball Bearing manufacturers website:

Cheap 24L Microwave Oven with Grill[edit]

       Yihai Marine Service Co., Ltd was established in Qingdao in 2009, after years of unremitting efforts, focused and continuous development, We have become the professional One-Stop shipping service company.
       Qingdao main office锛?5 officers锛?000銕?warehouse锛?0boarding officers锛孍RP System, give you fast quotation, quickly packing, in time on board what you need.
       Our services include marine stores supply, food supply, spare parts supply, ship safety inspection service, voyage repair service, export trade services, logistics and other shipping services.
       We provide 365 days 24-hours service for all port of China.
       Lip stick to "The more efforts, to be more high quality service" of faith, is committed to providing customers with fast, reliable " One-stop" service solution, in the process of continuous development, embellish always don't forget the commitment to customers, continuously optimize supply chain solutions, for the long-term trust and support of our shipping industry customer's fleet to provide more and better service and more service value.Cheap 24L Microwave Oven with Grill